Meet our Money Solutions Workers

Phil Burge & Emma Rees

At Family Housing we understand that you may experience financial problems and paying your rent. You may also find you need support to budget for the most important costs in your life like rent, food, and heating.

We have dedicated Money solutions Workers who are able to help you if you are struggling to pay for these things, they can make sure you are receiving the correct benefits, getting discounts on things like council tax and water bills.

Phil and Emma can support with Personal Independ­ence Payments (PIP) and Employment Sup­port allowance (ESA) applications. They can also support you through an appeals pro­cess, this process can be very stressful but they are here to help.

You can email or get in touch with Phil or Emma on their individual contacts.



Budgeting can be useful to see how much you have coming in and how much is going out.  Download our useful budget form below.  Notice that priority debts are printed in red on the form.


 Phil BurgePhil Burge

01792 940168

07811 990 799


Emma Rees

01792 940148


Christmas Money Planner

How are you planning to pay for Christmas? From presents to food, the costs can add up quickly. Using the Christmas Money Planner below will help you set a budget for the festive season.

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