Housing Matters: Protecting funding for supported housing

Published on Jun 13, 2018

Over the next few months Welsh Government Ministers will be making a crucial decision about the future funding of homelessness and housing-related support
services in Wales.

A coalition of national organisations, are committed to ending homelessness and ensuring that people can live safely and independently in their own homes. Over the past few months they have been discussing the Welsh Government’s plans and considering the opportunities and threats to the provision of sustainable services and the lives of the people we represent.

We all recognise the pressures on the Welsh Government and the challenges that Ministers are facing. In light of this, we are not simply defending the status quo. Members have been challenged to develop a constructive solution which helps to meet Ministers’ aims – but will also safeguard the future of homelessness and housing-related support services in Wales.

The proposal can facilitate a more strategic approach to ending homelessness and supporting people to live independent, fulfilled lives.

Family Housing are proud supporters of #HousingMattersWales

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