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Anti-social behaviour

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We want you to enjoy your home and surroundings. But people often have different ideas of what is acceptable behaviour.  For example, one person's music can be another's unbearable noise and even the new large flatscreen TVs can cause problems for your neighbours because the volume can be very loud.  Keen gardeners can sometimes be upset by a neighbour's lack of interest in their own garden. 

Sometimes we have to acknowledge that to live together in harmony we must accept differences in lifestyle. We hope that you enjoy where you live and will not have any problems, but there are times when a neighbour's behaviour can cause great distress and action needs to be taken.

Anti-social behaviour ranges from serious criminal activity such as selling drugs, to other issues such as loud music or nuisance from pets or animals.  If you are experiencing any form of anti-social behaviour please contact us and we will advise you what we can do to make it stop.

call 01792 482702.       You can also use the contact us or tell us about it forms.

 text save our text number on your phone 0755 4654800 as FHA tenancy management. You can then use this to contact us about anything other than rents or repairs.

If you have a problem with your neighbours, for example with loud music , visitors or unruly or noisy pets you could:

  • try to speak to your neighbour as they may not be aware that they are causing you a problem.
  • contact us on the number above to report the problem
  • visit our offices or write to us

We'll tell you what we can and can't do. Where necessary we will work with other agencies such as the Police and the Environmental Health Department of the local authority. We will work with you to decide on an action plan and will keep you informed of progress.

If there is no immediate danger or emergency situation, instead of calling 999, you can also telephone the 24 hour non-emergency line

 call 101.