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Opportunities for you to make a difference

Getting involved

Contact our Community Engagement officers Carol and Emma.

They are here to help engagement with you as tenants and the local communities. You can get involved with groups such as tenants panel, scrutiny panel and more. If you'd like to get involved at Family Housing contact the team.


Tel: 01792 482762

It’s not all about meetings

You can be involved with many of the activities through email, post and telephone. Some of the activities are one-off, fun events.

If you want to become more involved, we will help with training and support.

The Easy Stuff

Fill in a satisfaction survey which you will receive in the post and you can be entered into a draw to win cash.

Open Days and Fun Days are used for gathering your opinions and to give you lots of useful information.

Our Annual Garden Competition is a fun way to get involved and improve your neighbourhood

TPAS Cymru - Tenant Pulse

TPAS Cymru has been collecting the views of Welsh tenants in a number of ways, including at face to face events such as their tenant and disability networks and through new channels, in particular through Tenant Pulse.

Tenant Pulse is a new panel of committed tenants who are regularly consulted, to get input and opinions on issues that impact Welsh housing. If you would like to know more or be involved click on the Tenant Pulse link below

Emma Williams

Emma Williams

Carol Johns

Carol Johns

Your Opinion Counts

Feedback from tenants is very important to us – good or bad. It is only by finding out what you think that we can improve our services.