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Extra care

what is extra care?

Extra Care is a type of home for older people with services which adapt as needs change over time allowing you to live well, age well and stay well. 

You can retain as much independence as you choose. You will have your own apartment with your own front door to come and go as you please but there are also shared facilities like a lounge area, a restaurant, hobby rooms and other facilities that you can use when you feel like some company.    

Loneliness as we get older is an important issue and extra care offers neighbourly companionship in a friendly environment when you want it.  

If you become more dependent on others to do the things you used to do for yourself then help is available on site.  You won’t have to move out and you won't have to be separated from your partner, if you have one. Your home is your home for life unless you need specialist nursing care.

All of our extra care schemes have               

  • enough space for wheelchairs in all apartments
  • mobility scooter charging 
  • communal facilities such as a hair salon, laundry and shop
  • catering on site so you don’t have to eat alone
  • craft/hobby rooms for activities
  • space for physical activities and perhaps gym equipment
  • security and 24 hour personal alarm systems


Extra care apartments are designed to be part of the local community rather than separate from it and local people are encouraged to come in and use, for example, the restaurant, shop or craft rooms. This helps to keep the schemes busy and vibrant, integrating the scheme into the community. Some schemes may also have a GP or other health facilities attached.


Want to apply?

Want to apply?

Call our tenancy management team who will explain the application process on 01792 482702 or 0800 021 3930.

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