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We can provide information in a range of different formats. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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The translate button at the top of the home page will provide page translation into many different languages. Welsh can be selected from this or from the dragon icon. 

Mae croeso i chi gyfathrebu yn y Gymraeg neu yn y Saesneg.  We welcome communications in Welsh or English.


Changing the size and improving readabilty

Our website has been designed to meet the W3C website accessibility guidelines. You can change the text size by clicking on the 'A's at the top.

You can also increase the page size and font size by using the zoom on the bottom of your screen.  You can change the size of the text further by holding down the control key (Ctrl) and pressing the +  button or - to reduce the font size as needed, or by holding dow the control key (Ctrl) and turing the wheel on your mouse.

If you are using a Mac you will need to hold down the command key. (Mac users hold down APPLE &+/-)

Text to Voice

The Microsoft approved ROKTalk button in the top bar converts text into a clear life-like voice in a number of languages.  It also allows you change change the background colour or font size or you can save the spoken information to an MP3 file to listen when convenient to you.


Mobiles and tablets

This site is designed for use on mobile devices.


Please contact us using the comments button on the homepage if you have any difficulties in using this site.