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Parkland Pupils

Parkland Pupils Brainstorm for Family Housing’s New Development

Year 4 pupils from Parkland Primary school attended our Hazel Court scheme last Friday to join us in a brainstorming session; the aim was to come up with a name for our new development, Hazel Court North. Phill Stapley organised a fun day for the pupils and it started with a full tour of Hazel Court (this was the first time I had seen the whole scheme and I have to say, I was very impressed!) the pupils got to see the shop, cafe, library, craft room, gardens, gym and even got to wave to the builders through the window on the way around. Yr4 teacher Mrs Parton was surprised at how homely the scheme is and nothing at all to what they thought it would be! It was fab to hear the pupil’s comments on the tour of how awesome the place was and that they would like to live there :)

The pupils then took part in a brain storming session thinking of all the relevance to the area, the history and the surrounding nature. Some of the names they came up with were really fun like Moon View, Jolly Manor, Sunny Lodge and we even had Pistachio thrown in there! The final choices were Ty Vivian, Ty Dillwyn and Warm Oaks (Derw Cynnes) but the one with the most votes was Ty Derw (Oak House) this also tied in with the school as they have oak trees by the school and their school emblem is an oak leaf.  

The last part of the day was for the pupils to draw a mural on a long sheet of paper and use the inspiration from the tour, the ideas were really flowing and I'm pretty positive some of the pupils will become future architects and developers. Phill is hoping to make the mural in to an art piece to go on to the wall alongside the artist impressions of the development.

To finish of the day Phill donated 2 time capsules to the class, so back at school the other pupils could be part of the day and when our development is completed the pupils will be invited back to bury the time capsules and maybe when they become our tenants, they can reopen them ...