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What is Tenant Participation?

Family Housing has a Tenant Participation Strategy (LTPS) which it has recently reviewed. (Click here to view it.) The strategy will give tenants a real say in the services they receive and in the overall decision-making process of Family Housing Association. We are very pleased that the Tenant Participation Advisory Service [www.tpascymru.org.uk] (on behalf of the Welsh Government) has given the strategy a high score in its recent assessment.

How the assessment was carried out

The criteria for the assessment were based on the core requirements of the National Tenant Participation Strategy, with a ‘scoring system’ as follows:

1 - Good

2 - Satisfactory

3 - Scope for Improvement

Result of the assessment

The ‘scoring system’ adopted by TPAS Cymru means that the best possible rating for an LTPS would be 12 and the poorest 36. Of all the strategies assessed by TPAS Cymru there is a range of scores achieved, ranging from 15 (the best rating) to 33 (the poorest). The average of the range of assessments is 19 - 20. It is therefore pleasing to report that the Association’s LTPS scored a total of 18 points.

Options for Tenant Participation

There are many options for getting involved, some of which do not require attending meetings or giving much of your time. Some examples are:

  • Join a focus group
  • Enter the garden competition
  • Fill in any questionnaires we send you
  • Reply to text messages we send to ask if you are satisfied with a service
  • Help us test our service by becoming a Tenant Service Assessor

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of the above or would like to know more, please contact the Tenant Participation Officer:-

Tenants' Panel

Family Housing Association Tenants’ Panel has been running for approximately 12 years and was the first Tenants’ Panel in the county. It started off with only a few and now has increased to 25 members. The Panel meets every six weeks with Officers of the Association at a variety of venues in different locations.

The Panel is made up entirely of tenants, discussing issues relating to all tenants and has been responsible for the introduction of a variety of measures including All Pay Cards, Introductory Tenancies and Decoration Vouchers. Incidentally, B&Q launched the voucher scheme nationally to landlords after the Panel worked with them on the scheme.

Panel members receive organised training on a variety of topics and attend tenant conferences, including the Welsh Tenants’ Federation and the annual Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) conference in Llandrindod Wells.

Guest speakers regularly attend panel meetings and members interact with them, participating in active discussion.

If you are interested in becoming a panel member in the future, coming to a meeting as a guest, or would like a copy of the minutes, please contact the Tenant Participation Officer:-

Local Tenant Participation Strategy Group

Terms of Reference (Click here for details)